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I always had a vision 

to do the best thing or do nothing at all 

and because of that the choice got made by itself.

When I first begun drawing I did not like the art itself 
I simply only liked street art because of its freedom 
and no boundaries when it comes to whats right and wrong.

In street art for example a tag that other sees as avefull and simple, 
is still art and your still an artist of the artform just by performing the act. 
Doing the same thing in any other subject and it would be considered a failure 
but in street art it is most of the time the other way around, 
even a simple tag is something more.

2010 I participated in an street art contest, 

the score was 13 out of over 1200 contestants 
and I got my artwork put out on a central spot in Stockholm, 
plus the artwork was shown and later sold in the central station and at the store NK.

The thrill of making something that other took there time to se was huge, 
shortly after I decided to remake the artwork and I printed it on a few shirts for friends and family.
To se them use that shirt was that as well a thrill on its own, 
in someway I had drawn on them when they used it, 
they became in my point of view, my walking wall.

The artwork itself and the profit from the contest 
was later donated to the Homeless people in Stockholm.

After that the whole process was complete in the best way possible, 
and what I mean with that is that every part of the process 
had a great meaning and played a useful part to the project.

I begun shortly after working on a new project : Homies For Life or HOMIES4LIFE.

The project was as it sounds meant to be a whole set of street wear collection 
with a huge focus on environmental and health, 
more or less Life itself and there was no option to go half way.

The products that I worked on to creat could not be like the other products on the market 
(sa i saw it they were half way made), every lite detail had to be made with perfection.

Later in 2010 the final products didn't have only one or two certification like other existing products 
it has several : ECO, co2 reduction, carbon trust, fair wear, fair trade to name a few 
and also completely free from phthalates and PWC made by earth positive and printed in Sweden 
to ensure its quality and that it lived up to the certification standard the products needed.

In my point of view I had made the best products yet, 

and there was and is not to this day 
a better environmental and health product on the market, 
in my view, I was made.

The only problem was, almost none would take in that kind of product, 
despite what they say and how ECO and ECO known they say they are, 
almost none is willing to pay that price for a product with that settings, 
not even the most fashionable stores would.

The production and products was later in 2011 withdrawn, 
and Homies For Life was set on hold.

2013 I begun working on a new project again, takeing old information and knowledge in consideration, 

TENCRED was starting to take shape, a lifestyle and street label. 
To make it out to the market you need to play like the others on the market, 
same price range, and same product in general,
But making just a product with that setting was not good enough for me.

The products needed to have that "why to buy" and that is the CRED RATE and new design

on already existing loved products.

Every product from TENCRED has a CRED RATE 
and resellers the same thing (Bronze. Silver, Gold and Red)