Cred foundation

“They say there is good people in the world, I want to be one of them”

When I begun working with TENCRED I always had one thing in mind, doing good or doing nothing at all.

We know the value of dressing up and dressing good and the importance of what other see and what you feel or see yourself,
I also know the pain when you can’t manage this or are left on the side and with TENCRED i have the opportunity to help and prevent that feeling.

That is what TENCRED are made for.

The Cred Foundation are made to help those in the shadow, if TENCRED can help you in anyway write and tell your story, I will do everything in my power to help you.

*All information from you will remain with TENCRED until you say otherwise,
TENCRED does not do like and share contests to earn score for others to se, TENCRED is not that kind of brand, never was, never will.

It’s All About Cred


Samuel A A